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We made switching to Byron Bank simple!


Byron Bank is here to help take the stress out of switching banks. Want to fill the forms out yourself? Awesome! Need some help figuring out what to do? Our dedicated team members are ready to help.

Follow these tips to switch! 

  • Balance your old account and stop using it. If you have automatic payments set up, keep enough money in the account to cover these for at least one month. Please see the Switching Just Got Easier Account Closing Authorization Form
  • Redirect automatic and online payments. Please see the Switching Just Got Easier Automatic Payment Authorization Form. 

     *TIP - Use your last 6 months of statements to identify what comes out automatically and when. 

  • Switch your direct deposits – Please see the Switching Just Got Easier Direct Deposit Form. Be sure to alert your employer, the Social Security Administration office, etc. of your new bank account so money is deposited correctly and to avoid any complications. 
  • Close your old account and enjoy the perks for your new Byron Bank Checking Account!
    • Online Banking
    • Bill Pay
    • Mobile Banking
    • Mobile Deposit
    • Digital Wallet
    • P2P Payments with SHAZAM BOLT$
    • E-Statements

Get Started Today!