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Holiday Fraud Alert

Be Fraud Smart!

With the Holidays approaching, scammers are working harder than ever to get your money! Here are a couple tips to keep your money and your personal information safe:

Please be aware, Byron Bank will never call or text you and ask you for your online banking credentials.

1. Do not trust caller ID; scammers can use third party apps and make up any name and phone number to make it look like the call is from a reputable company.

2. Don’t click on links in emails or in text messages.

3. Don’t give anyone remote access to your computer- especially if you receive a random phone call from an unknown caller.

4. Do not use Zelle® to send funds to someone you DO NOT know. Only use Zelle for those people you do know.

5. Do not use Zelle to buy product or merchandise from someone you do not know.

6. Do not feel pressured or threatened to give your personal information in response to a text message, phone call, or email.

7. If the individual says they are from the fraud department or from your bank and you are not sure, call your bank directly using the phone number from their official website. Do not call the number back that called you originally.

8. Don’t give your account number or personal information by email or text.

Bad guys are working 24/7. Don't be a victim; if it is too good to be true, then it probably is.