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For the Little Project or the Big Dream!

Consumer Loans

Installment Loans

Simple interest loans are available for the purchase of cars, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, boats, vacations or just to help you through a hard time. These loans may be single pay or installments. We offer competitive terms and interest rates.

Personal Credit Line (PCL)

A personal credit line can be attached to your checking account so you have funds available for payments or ATM withdrawals. Your checking account would pull money from the PCL to cover those purchases. Stop by the bank to sign up and let your PCL kick into action! Subject to credit approval.

Junior Mortgage

Using the equity in your home is a quick and easy way to borrow extra funds. A junior mortgage may be for home improvements, auto purchases or for many other reasons. It can be set up with a repayment plan that fits your budget. The interest is usually tax deductible. (Check with your tax advisor.)

Home Equity

A home equity line of credit differs from a junior mortgage because the interest rate is variable and the principal is not due until maturity. You only need to pay the interest each month. This loan is convenient for large or small purchases. The credit line offers flexibility and is continually available to you. This is an excellent way to pay off high interest rate credit card debt. The interest is usually tax deductible. (Check with your tax advisor.)

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